We are all One

In order to explain this statement I first need to explain creation.

All of creation is pure Love. Love is unmanifest. When it manifests it does so as light. Light is a vibration. When light slows down it becomes sound then matter. Matter is a vibration too. Every level of existence vibrates at different rates. They form different densities. All of creation exists in the same space. What we can perceive is dependant on our awareness. In  a human body that is governed by our senses.

At the dawn of creation when love first became light it also became the creator. This being is the Source of all creation.  You may want to call this being god. I call it Source. Source created aspects of itself that it can experience. It did so for fun. This is the play of the Divine.

Source gave some of these aspects free will, a slight separation from itself, that enabled them to make independent decisions.

Creation is the silent unfolding of aspects of itself with infinite potential.  It didn’t happen in a big bang. Love doesn’t bang.

You are one of these potential, an aspect of Source that it can experience. Love is your true nature. Like everybody else you are a part of Source and therefore we are all One. You are no better or worse than anybody else the only difference is you awareness.

Our journey is to unfold our potentials until we rejoin Source again.

You are a light being having a human body experience. Part of this journey means you have forgotten who you really are. That enables you to fully engage in the experience of a lifetime here. The experience is a lesson you have chosen to learn.

This is very simplistic, creation is very complex but gives you the basic understanding.