The life force

There is no matter in our cosmos everything is a form of energy. Forward thinking scientists now agree that even atoms and sub atomic particles are just an energy field.

Here is a quote from Dr Kathleen Hall, she describes life force energy very succinctly although I don’t agree with everything she says.

“Energy is described in Western culture as vigour, life, spirit, passion, power, and electromagnetism. The Hindus call vital energy prana. The Hebrew name for “vital energy” is ruah. The Chinese define energy as life force, or chi.

Prana is physical, mental, and spiritual energy in Hinduism. It is believed that prana is the fundamental energy and the source of all knowledge. By practising yoga, prana continuously flows inside us, creating vitality in our bodies. Too little prana in the body can be expressed as a feeling of being stuck. You would have a lack of motivation, lack drive, and be depressed. When you lack prana, or vital energy, you may become ill. This philosophy believes that your state of mind is directly linked to the amount of prana within us. The more balanced and peaceful a person is, the more prana is inside your body. The more imbalanced or stressed you are, the more diluted the prana, or vital energy, is within your body. Prana is power, and the more you develop your breathing practices the more power you will experience.

Chi, in Eastern medicine, is the vital energy that flows though each organ and system of the body. All of these organs and systems are connected by this vital energy so if an organ is sick you must look at the entire body to find the cause of illness. This chi, or energy, is found at a molecular level. Western medicine would call this vital energy “electromagnetism,” which holds the atoms in orbit around each other in your body. Chinese medicine works on the construct that when your body is sick, your chi, or energy, is out of balance and the flow of vital energy must be restored to a healthy flow. The way I describe this to my clients and patients is to imagine your body as a home that is wired with electrical wiring. Your body’s electrical system is just like your home: Sometimes there is a short in the circuit or a loose wire. You call your electrician to get the flow of electricity going again. In Chinese medicine you can go to an acupuncture practitioner or practice tai chi or Qigong for the same effect.”

We could not live without it. It is also what nurtures our planet and Gaia the being who inhabits her. The Rods of Power are only the primary source of this energy and are there to distribute this energy around our planet. It then feeds more locally through a network of fine lines, some call leys, although that name really applies to their alignments not the line itself. Some call them Earth energies but the energy is fed here externally and mixes with the Earths own energy and isn’t just of the Earth. It is what drives all our bodies not just the physical one. We have several one inside the other, like Russian dolls. The energy is distributed to every living thing with no exceptions and reaches to every part of our planet.

The energy has several constituents and is not a single ray. There are twelve individual rays of energy and possibly more. Each one has a different and distinct character. The convention of most belief systems that defines seven chakras or energy centres is correct and there is a ray for each one but there is more. We are being upgraded or perhaps rebuilt is a better word and will eventually all have thirteen chakras if they aren’t functioning already. The Earth is very similar to us and doesn’t just have seven chakras either. This may be new territory for you and I know changing beliefs can be difficult but all will come out eventually. I am only the vanguard and by planting this seed it may assist you later to encompass all the changes that are coming.

We are moving up in consciousness very rapidly and that is becoming more apparent all around us. New energies are pouring into the Earth and they will cause change.

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