The Els, Elohim

The Masters OF Light

The ascended Masters are Masters IN light. Their role here is to guide us. They form part of our Spiritual Hierarchy. The Elohim are sometimes called the Masters OF Light.

They are beyond form. They radiate love in gratitude to all that is. Their role or perhaps part of it is to create and care for physicality. That means everything from the stars down at every level of existence, vibration and reality.

Very little is known about them because they do not interact with humans very often. This knowledge has been kept from us in recent times but it is not hidden completely. There are a few humans that interact with them and I am very fortunate to have been one. I talk about them as much as I can to spread this knowledge just a little. We will get to know them as we ascend. Knowing about them now will help to expand your awareness.

They vibrate so high that at the moment we cannot take much of their frequency. It literally shakes us apart. A lady, a clairvoyant who could see them, once asked why the El, the Els are a sub group of the Elohim, kept his eyes closed when he was talking to her. He told her that if he opened them he would destroy her. They are very powerful Beings.

Normally if they require humans to do something they use an intermediary to instruct us. In most cases this will be an Ascended Master but occasionally we humans reach a refined enough space in our lives that they can contact us directly. It depends on where we find ourselves, what is happening. We sometimes go up quite high and vibrate at a level where their energy does not harm us. We all have that potential.

I was very fortunate to have spent eight years interacting fairly directly with them. I freely admit I still know very little about them and in all that time we seldom met but I felt their presence all the time and know them at that level, the level of feeling. It felt quite normal but looking back those occasions were quite magnificent.

Any description I make is purely subjective. Being in their presence is a Divine experience. All suffering disappears, all aches and pains, you feel at peace and very comfortable. You feel a sense of your true self and there is no urgency, nothing you need do but to be there and do what ever is required of you. No sense of being lost or an insignificant being. You feel whole and Divine. It is rather overwhelming at first but you get used to it.

I have been fortunate to sit at the feet of an enlightened master but his bright flame was like a small candle when compared to the Els who are more like the sun. Simply being in their presence felt like coming home to me. It was a transcendental experience. It is what I aspire to and is the direction I intend going, nothing will stop me.

To give you a prosaic example of what it is like; I have an old injury in my hip from when I fell off a stage. It pains me constantly. It is there all the time sometimes more so than at others. Nobody has been able to diagnose the problem much less remove it and I have tried almost everything. I live with it.

When I was working closely with the Els and in their vibration, it was gone. I forgot all about it. When the project we were working on ended suddenly, the energy was gone and the pain came back and I have it still. I remember what it was like not to have it and how I felt all the time. It is where I am going. It is where we are all going.

What the Elohim are busy doing at the moment is rebuilding our entire solar system. Putting right that which was damaged or is wrong. They are assisting to raise our vibration.

This includes rebuilding all the planets including the asteroid belt which was once a huge planet, a water world. It was destroyed in a huge battle between the dark and light forces. It was once the main headquarters of the dark faction in this galaxy. This history has been forgotten but is hinted at in the movie Star Wars. We find it attractive because it is familiar. The galaxy concerned was not far far away at all but perhaps right here in our solar system. A lot of information has been re-introduced to us in science fiction and fantasy. Star Trek gave us insight into a lot of technology we now take for granted and use every day.

When the Elohim have finished there will be four inhabitable water worlds; Earth, Mars, Venus and the reconstituted planet. We the people on this planet will spread out to live on them all. There will be plenty of room for everyone.

Our own planet has been very badly mangled but only on the surface. At her core she is still the magnificent Being she has always been. Very soon, and this process has already started, she will be completely rejuvenated back to the pristine glory of what she was at her beginning. This includes moving her back to her rightful position which has already happened. The continents of Atlantis and Lemuria (or Mu) that were sunk during the dark period towards the end of Atlantis are now actively rising again.

We have reached the end of a cycle, a period that was given to the dark in an agreement but that has now ended and the dark has to leave. The dark does so most unwillingly but it has no choice. It will soon be gone. Our planet is the last place it has control of in this galaxy and once it is gone our entire galaxy becomes whole again. There is an enormous focus on this both within and from outside our galaxy. Billions if not trillions of Beings are here and focused closely on us at the moment. It is a monumental moment in all of creation and has never happened before. If you feel that nothing is happening then think of how vast a project this is. It is happening ever more quickly. You can speed up the process just by being aware of it.