The Els and Elohim

These beings are at the pinnacle of creation and very close to Source.

I know some people will be triggered by what I write here. We have been in a very difficult situation and truth has been very hard to find.  Remain open to new ideas if you can.

Unfortunately I cannot change the semantics or the nature of creation to make it fit conventional thought. You can stop reading any time you like. It is not my intention to upset you only to give you a glimpse of reality as I perceive it. The language I use isn’t mine. I use it because it is appropriate.

Here is a quote from Matthew, an ascended being. He is talking about souls but it describes the structure of creation quite eloquently and defines the role of the Elohim.

‘For simplicity we say Creator, and other designations for the Ultimate Cosmic Being include The Totality, All That Is, I AM and the Oneness Of All.

Most people ascribe those all-encompassing terms to God, by whatever name religions have given the soul that is the Supreme Being of this universe, because religions hold that He and Creator are one and the same and science doesn’t differentiate between this universe and the cosmos, which currently contains seven universes of inestimable size.

We don’t know what existed prior to Creator’s first expression of Itself, often referred to, and, as we are told, incorrectly so, as the “Big Bang.” The expression was the silent release of the most powerful force in the cosmos, the pure love-light essence of Creator. This infinite, indestructible divine energy that comprises cosmic consciousness, or Creator Mind, is the Beginnings and the makeup of each and every soul throughout the cosmos.

At some point, Creator endowed souls with the gift of free will and its inherent manifesting ability. That is the basis of life in this universe, where souls are manifested by God, the soul chosen by Creator to be the ruler of this universe, through His co-creating powers with Creator. God uses Creator’s energy to bring to fruition His ideas; and, as microcosms of God.’

~ Mathew

The Elohim are the souls who are closest to Creator and create on his behalf.

I say his here only because of convention. God is androgynous, the perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies but it feels wrong to write it rather than he.

The Elohim spoke of themselves like this:
‘We are the Elohim. We sit before the God most high. We sit at the side of that which is termed the source of all life, all that is. To the other side is that which is termed the angelic host. They are known as the feminine aspect of God, the intuitive, the messengers. We are known as the creator gods. We create whole worlds, whole concepts. We are the ones that abide by God’s law and we are instructed by the God most high. Our energies are then passed down to that which is termed the ascended master realms. They then act upon our instructions. Sometimes it is necessary that they then instruct those on the Earth plane to carry out the laws and the instructions. However, at certain times we are able to instruct certain members of the human, Earth, team, shall we say. We are able to instruct them directly. This is not always possible, however. Whether this is possible depends on many things mainly it is due to one’s own vibrational frequency and what is going on in one’s life, you could say, whether the instructions can be given clearly and directly from us.

We are beyond that which is termed the human form or form in general. We are pure light and we radiate this love in gratitude to all that is.
We are beings of great strength and might and with power that we have embraced for the divine, more than you can comprehend at this time.
The Elohim and the Els are of one and the same. In a sense, they do different work. There are groups within this title.’

My own experience with the Els started in 1998 when I was asked by a friend to take on some mapping work for a client who he had just met. I have described this encounter on my blog but post it here too.

Towards the end of the nineties I was somewhat broke – yet again. A major piece of work, which was six months of hard slog, had just gone belly up. Instead of being rather rich I got paid nothing. I had been working for a couturier designer through a back door. He had his own design team but I was doing some cutting edge work for him that no one else knew about. This is normal in that cut throat world. My only contact with the client was someone who worked for him occasionally. He was a stylist who worked with all the top designers and a friend of my business partner. I trusted him to look after our interests but this stylist ingested something he shouldn’t and then went swimming in the sea. He had a heart attack and drowned. My work was nearly finished but I hadn’t been paid and it was very unlikely that I ever would. The designer was famous enough that we could not reach him directly without our contact.

I normally work freelance but was forced to take a job for a short time. Finding work was very synchronistic. I went into the local Job Centre as they were called in those days. I was determined to take absolutely anything that I could find, gardening, labouring, anything. I just needed something to tide me over until I could find some freelance work. That would take time and I had rent to pay and food to buy and I had been hanging on for quite a while. Totnes where I was living is a small rural town in south Devon, UK. It’s not a high tech place but a small market town that had a large alternative community. Before moving there I had been living in a spiritual community in the north of England. I badly wanted to see the sun occasionally. I moved as far south as I could but Totnes was actually a very good choice because it is very close to our planets heart centre. Energetically it is a very good place.

In the job centre, jobs were posted on cards all around the walls. The first card I looked at was very prominent right in the entrance and on its own board. It was offering work for a web designer. This was in the days when web design was only just beginning to be taught. Experienced designers, which I was, were a rare breed. I am self taught and have been designing websites since they first appeared.

I called the company and sent in my portfolio. I was taken on straight away. I worked for the company for about six months. I left once I got too busy to go to work. I was back on my feet but continued to do the odd job for them freelance. They passed on work that was either too complicated for their own staff or needed a sophisticated look. One client they passed on to me wanted a visit to discuss the work. They were London based which turned out to be a three hour trip by train, tube and bus. Their office when I eventually found it was in a run down part of North London. I arrived somewhat travel weary but more or less on time to find that there was no one there!

They turned up eventually over an hour late. They were a group of young guys who were starting a photographic agency. They had been out partying all night and it seemed likely they were going to continue to party all day. They started by sitting down and rolling a joint. They didn’t seem terribly interested in me. I was a bit irritated, I don’t do drugs and have very little time for those that do. I waited patiently until they were ready to talk which was another half an hour. It was hard to get a clear brief from them because it seemed like they didn’t really know what they wanted. The only thing that was obvious was that they didn’t really want me. I cut the meeting short and met up with my old business partner instead. Very good things eventually came out of that meeting. My time was very well spent but I didn’t think so at the time.

It turned out that the owner of the company I had been working for was a close friend of the man behind the new agency. He sent me to them as a favour because I was his best designer. He wasn’t going to charge a full fee for the work his company did but would have taken an interest in the new company. The people there didn’t really want me because they didn’t like my particular design style. They didn’t want to say that because they didn’t want to offend my old boss. They did want the expensive backend database work his people could build for them. I discovered this when I spoke to the database programmer who also ran the design office. He was in the know and explained the situation clearly. I stopped taking on freelance work from my former boss after that.

The next morning back at home in Devon after a totally wasted day I was determined not to have to go through anything like that again. I sat down and meditated for while. I went very deep and in that silent place I asked for work, something positive that would use all of my abilities and also help the world. I stayed with this feeling for a time then then let it go.

Unknown to the me back then this is a very powerful way to manifest. A day or so later the phone rang. It was a good friend of mine from the spiritual community that I hadn’t seen for a while. He said he had just met someone who might have some work for me. He was only ringing to introduce him and this person would ring me himself shortly. All he really told me was that it involved maps. I had trained and worked as a cartographer for fifteen years so this was something I could do.

The client phoned and we had a conversation but he was rather vague. It appeared he expected me to know what he wanted me to do intuitively. I was a bit confused but he said he would send me a book about his work and hung up. The book when it arrived was called “The World Restored Not Destroyed” and was channeled messages from a group called the Els. It made no sense to me at the time. How was I supposed to map anything from these messages?

This client called again a few days later and seemed to expect me to understand what he was doing and be in tune with his work. I told him I didn’t see anything I could map in his book. He seemed surprised but said he would send me another book that did have some information that I could use. I thought OK but perhaps not. I dismissed him.  He was William Elmhurst, the leader of a group known as the Solar Quest. They were a small group of much older people. They were based near Porlock, on the edge of Exmoor in the UK.

The second book arrived on a sunny Saturday morning. It was a lovely day. I had moved to what was a wing of an old manor house way out in the country. It was in a beautiful place high up on the north side of Dartmoor. I started to open the book but as I did I felt a presence behind me and turned and saw an enormous Being standing there. He was huge, human shaped but made of light. The light wasn’t strong but soft and gave him form. We spoke telepathically.

He had come he said to ask me to take on the work William had offered. I was very reluctant but he was gently persuasive. He was also huge. The room I was in was on the first floor of a building which had very high ceilings. I felt that he was standing on the ground and yet he towered above me. It seemed a very natural experience which is a part of the magic of the Els.

I am definitely of the Aquarian age but the Solar Questors were rather Piscean. William took one look at me and said ‘Oh!’ He really didn’t like hippies. I told him about seeing the El and that reassured him. I had no idea who this being was but he tested with his pendulum and then explained. He was rather surprised. He’d never seen one, only his wife Vera ever had. If you have a look at their website you may understand why I was somewhat reluctant to join them.  I would not have done so at all if I hadn’t been asked by the El which is probably why he appeared to me.

Els are multi dimensional Beings of light. They are part of the group called the Elohim. They are pure Love. It is not possible to be fearful in their presence. It felt quite normal and unexceptional to be conversing with this huge being. I really enjoy their energy and it is familiar to me. I spent eight years working with them and in all that time I never once lost my delight at being with them. Their kindness and consideration for me has always blown me away.

I have worked with the ones known as the Ascended Masters but never felt any strong connection to them. They are positive and exceptional beings but their intimate understanding of us humans can make them quite hard task masters.

I have also sat at the feet of an enlightened master but his bright flame was like a candle when compared to the sun. The Elohim’s energy is vast and all powerful but is also Divine. I always found being with them a wonderful and uplifting experience.

The Els understand me intimately without me having to speak. I like that they just know. I don’t like talking. I prefer telepathic communication. Whatever planet I come from we don’t talk. As you can imagine this causes me problems. I have met a few people who are telepathic too and I like working with them. They are mostly musicians who are used to communicating without words. Being dyslexic I sometimes can’t find the right one but my close friends don’t need them. They often say them for me.

I was asked to do a job once by St Germain. I was listening to him describe what he wanted to do at the highest level I could achieve and found it impossible to speak. He got quite snotty with me because I wasn’t interacting. He wanted me to verbalise and didn’t appear to understand what I was doing. I know now and could probably manage but I am not drawn to these beings.

To give you an example of the  Els’s consideration. We had a meeting with them at my property about a week after my mother died. The meeting concerned the work we were doing there, nothing else. I had dealt with the death experience and was comfortable, I understand death. They started this meeting by saying they wanted to talk to me to reassure me that my mother was doing well. She had dementia and was very difficult just prior to her death but as I said I understand the transition and had dealt with my feelings. I can and have communicated with dead people. I can move people on if they get stuck.  I had let her go but they wanted to reassure me that all was well.

The Els explained that she was having treatment to restore her to perfection which meant they could not bring her to speak to me. I caught a gimps of a room and saw her lying on a table being bathed in green light. The room was silent and had a glorious stained glass window.  I often get telepathic images from them. They did that to me recently when I asked if I should publish this work. The experience is still unfolding. All the difficulties with being human are an illusion. They showed me who I really am and that I can make decisions for myself. I felt very loved.

When I ask them questions their replies are never what I expect and always expand my awareness.  The Els treat me with great respect and I always feel uplifted. It is hard to put into words.

I have met a very high dark being who tried to project something similar at me. I know this will sound odd but you get used to it. We were off planet at a council meeting where I was making a request. I wanted the dark beings on Earth to be subject to karma in the same way that we are. At the moment they aren’t. That request was being taken seriously by a very high council who could have made that decision. This dark being was the dark’s representative as I was representing humanity. He wanted control over me but I could see through him immediately. He didn’t like that. I am not susceptible to such tricks. That being has gone now, he let me know he was leaving Earth and wanted nothing more to do with us. I’m not sure why he needed to express that but there was no animosity, no feeling at all but that is what they are like. I got the impression he was a very long way away in another galaxy, perhaps another reality.

I can feel the depth of love and understanding of the Els. There is nothing there but love. It can be overwhelming at first but you get used to it.

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