Talking to the Earth

We are all Earth’s children even if we aren’t aware of it. We would not be here without her. She knows each and every seven point nearly seven billion of us.

Talking to her is not mystical or special, it should be normal. We can all do it but have forgotten how. There is a mystique that has grown up about this but is mainly there because people can’t do it. It actually very easy and quite natural. You don’t need to do or believe anything. It is part of who you are. In order to talk to our planet you need to be receptive and the best way to do that is to be very quiet. The best way to be quiet is to go within and stop thinking.

When we are thinking our focus goes to our thoughts and disrupts any finer communication, its like noise. To achieve total silence  isn’t hard. It is the objective of most meditation practices – to go beyond thoughts. It may help if you just sit and focus on your breath for a while. You should start to feel very comfortable. If you know how to meditate already you should be ready to give this a try. Put your attention on your awareness and think of her. I tell people to feel their love for her. That moves you in the right direction. Gaia is pretty out there and has very advanced abilities, she will notice.

So how do we converse? She will talk to you telepathically. She does it all the time but you may not notice because your thinking makes too much noise and prevents you from hearing her. Our mind has been purposely over stimulated by beings who will never hear her. She’s quite selective who she will talk to. You are like her children and she will always talk to you but you have to approach this in the right manner.

She is sensitive enough to feel your intention. Our brain isn’t us, its a very smart organic computer and we have more or less unlimited access. We can use it as we want but it does other things as well, it runs your body and processors all the info that is constantly streaming in from your senses. It tries to keep it all together in spite of what we do. It prompts us when we need to do things like eat or sleep or get out of the way.

It does very many things simultaneously but it doesn’t need to think. You don’t have to think in order to be aware, in fact its much easier if you don’t. When you stop thinking in that silence many things are revealed. Thinking is the way to program your brain, to get it to do things and make coherence out of the stimulus that is living. Mental agility is fine but you can’t answer all the questions life throws in your path. Your brain simply doesn’t have enough information to answer even simple things like – why are we here?

You wont disappear if you stop thinking, after all you don’t take your brain with you when you die. I know from direct experience that you still continue in much the same way as now. You just have your awareness somewhere else. It’s very like taking off a virtual reality headset or perhaps more like changing the game.

A very good way to learn how to stop thinking is to meditate. It will give you the experience of what it’s like which can speed things along very nicely but you don’t have to. You are very powerful, powerful enough to stop thinking if you want. That may not be easy at first and meditation can show you what it feels like but you can do it for yourself.

You can do it anywhere but being outside in nature may help to calm you down. So once you are silent and open and totally receptive you can put out a thought. You do that telepathicly  – you don’t have to talk.

I tell people their first thought should be to simply express their love for Mother Earth. It will focus you and get her attention in a good way. You can ask any question that you like but its better if they are spontaneous. Spontaneous thoughts are powerful. They come from deep inside you and are more likely to be answered. Like us she wont waste time on silly questions. She loves you dearly but children can natter and don’t always need an answer.

I asked her about this post was there anything I should add or clarify? She just smiled and disappeared. She can be very enigmatic. She will chat but not for long. In my experience she deals with the issue then backs off. She’s very practical but then she needs to be, she must be very busy, there are rather a lot of us.

She may answer in very many ways all at once and it can take a while to assimilate her answers. It is like she sends you a text, an email, a huge pdf with pictures, a video and a photo all at the same time. This can be very subtle.

She has taken me to places and I have seen things that may or may not have been real, I don’t know what is any more. It was very exciting and very different to my normal mode of functioning. Playing with grown up toys is unbelievable, it makes the most immersive computer game seem totally boring.

What is really great is that we have all of these abilities built in, we don’t need any hardware, no new software or updates either. We only need to slow down and take the time to listen. She is full of knowing and has infinite wisdom, like any mother she will help with anything.