Sensitive areas

There has been a concerted effort to reduce the influence of positive energies in our environment. Certain places on the Earth have been targeted.

Benign energy pours in to our world from the rest of creation. These energies arrive at specific places. The lines of energy originate at Source but come here to us via the centre of our galaxy. They arrive through portals. A portal is a place that exists in more than one density with no measurable distance between them. Energy can travel vast distances. When they reach the Earth they feed the central energy system, which are called the Rods of Power. they were named that by the beings who created them; the Els, who are a sub group of the Elohim. The Rods of Power is what this website is about. There are major junctions all over our planet and they provide specific energy that feeds all beings here including Gaia, the essence that inhabits Earth.

Two very important places have been badly ravaged. They are both close to the equator and have many rods of power flowing through them. One focus is in the Amazon the other is in Borneo. While there are reports of fires in both places this is just fake news designed to promote the climate change agenda. Fires are normal in both areas during the summer months, slash and burn is common  practice.

Amazon Junction
Borneo Junction

Both areas have long been targeted by loggers. Trees have been chopped down burning and mining using nasty chemicals abound. There has been a concerted effort to damage both areas by the large conglomerates that represent those in power. They are sometimes referred to as the lungs of our world but they do far more than provide oxygen. As we wake up they are slowly being protected, it isn’t all bad news but we need to be aware of how important these places are. Their physical attributes are the least part of their benefits.

Most of the areas with a high concentration of rods have been targeted. The middle east is a good example. Jerusalem in particular which is central to a major rod.


This rod also runs through what used to be called Yugoslavia. There is a pattern that when you know it becomes very obvious.

Below is northern Ireland, Londonderry and Belfast are both on major rods. They have been the focus for the troubles there.

Northern Ireland

The same rod that runs through Londonderry also runs through the Falkland islands. That was the main reason why the British had a war there with Argentina.

Falkland islands

The same line runs close to Hiroshima which is in between two very big rods.


Vietnam and Laos are on the same rod that covers San Francisco. The war would have effected all these places with very low energy.

There is a rod that runs through Biafra in Nigeria where there was a genocide, that rod  also connects directly to the heart centre at Dartington UK.

I could go on and on. I have mentioned this before but don’t wish to dwell on negative information.

What can we do about it?

The dark’s nature is to distort. Love becomes fear but because that is not the true nature of this energy it is easy to rectify it and return it to what it really is.

We can do that by having our attention on the rods. That is all that is required. Doing that refines the energy and enhances it. We really are that powerful. Download my map overlay into Google Earth. Check out where the Rods run in your local area and see them working perfectly. They are. This knowledge gives you that power.