Overcoming Dogma

Our current education systems, be they scientific, philosophical or religious, stifle knowledge. They don’t approach reality looking for the truth but impose dogmas. They determine what we are allowed to believe and anything else is ridiculed.

Belief itself is a mental process. We decide what makes sense to us and integrate other peoples opinions into our personal make up. We are fed a pack of half truths and downright lies from very early on. We aren’t encouraged to find out for ourselves.

I am being very controversial but tough it is time to remove the tinted glasses. In order to grow we need to let go of anything that no longer serves. Not all scientific facts are real, not all religious systems have your best interests at heart. There is a mixture of real and fiction that clouds the issue. Who it serves is not relevant here but it does serve a group, a rather unsavoury collection of individuals. They have power and have determined up until now what it is you have learned.

Science looks at our environment and tries to make sense of it. That is a useful but …. science can be led or rather have a direction imposed upon it. It can be pointed in the wrong direction. If the results of research show the wrong thing, to those who control it, then that research will be suppressed or altered to become propaganda. Climate change is a good example. Do you even know what that means? I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t global warming, according to the latest global figures the Earth is cooling at the moment, it is the third consecutive year of global temperature decline since the El Niño of 2015. We are heading rapidly into a mini ice age which can happen really fast. That can be prevented and an equable climate established before it happens. That only needs our cooperation. CO2 is a beneficial gas, it promotes  plant growth as has been noticed using satellites to obtain new data. The waters have been so muddied that most people have no clue who to believe. They simply follow the propaganda given out by the media.

Ask the Earth she will tell you what she’s experiencing and what she can do about it. She is pretty awesome. She can handle most things without blinking. She has had to counter interference that used powerful technology which badly upsets her weather. She has asked for help and has it in the form of Galactics ,who with their superior technology, ameliorate the worst excesses of the dark agender. It is an ongoing daily battle. The fires in California being just one recent debacle, the official story being that they were caused by climate change which is our fault! What a load of bollocks. The Houses and cars were turned to ash but very few trees burnt? That’s not possible in a natural fire. Horrible but we need to question what we are told.

I could give endless examples of manipulated science but let me take just one, perhaps the most uncomfortable of all. Good people have been researching a cure for cancer for many decades, it costs and generates a lot of money. The only trouble is that there have been thousands of cures found and squashed. The most commonly used treatment is the most life threatening and has a terrible success rate. Cancer cures has become an industry one that is very valuable. What make it incredible heinous is that lives are put at risk. All the suffering is totally unnecessary. You believe me or you don’t, that doesn’t matter. What is important is that you question. Look into it.

Our religious leaders are steeped in dogma. They give us their versions of creation but we aren’t allowed to question. We may be allowed to interpret, if we study hard enough and become a part of their system. All bullshit. Creation is a living being. We can interact. You want to know who made the world and how then ask her. I could tell you and have done so elsewhere but that wont help you. You need to discover it for yourself. It is what this website is all about. If you want to know then stop thinking conventional thought patterns and become part of it. Become the changes that are coming simply by desiring them. We are powerful enough to do that.