I am an experienced cartographer but mapping something that isn’t tangible isn’t easy or straight forwards. My methods vary depending on how much information I have.

I am principally working from a book that gives me all the journeys that William and his second wife Vera Elmhirst undertook when assisting the Els to mend these energy lines. They travelled all over the globe but only needed to be on a line or close to it to fix it evertwhere. They provided a focus in the physical for the Els, higher density beings, to do the actual work. The book is based on Williams notes and dictaphone recordings they made as they journeyed. They describe what they were doing and where. Vera recognised rods that she had visited in other places before. She felt them at a physical level. She could also double talk speaking as herself and also channeling any Els or Ascended master who were working with them. These channelings often describe what they were doing. Not all the information is useful probably because I can’t understand it but the notes are very thorough. Some of the locations they mention can be a bit vague. I have come to believe that these lines dictate to matter and it forms around them rather than the other way around. It makes sense at an energetic level. The Els started at the Earth’s centre and worked out.

The human brain is a wonderful instrument but the mental approach is only one way to comprehend creation. It doesn’t work very well if you don’t have all the information. I do use my brain which is pretty sharp but I don’t impose it, I let the work flow. I use several alternative methods:

I have been trained in the use of sidhis and practised them for over twenty years. Sidhis are a technology that enables you to function in that place which is beyond thought. You learn how to take an intention with you and that intention can then manifests. It is possible to cognise information directly from Source. It can take years or just a micro second. Information can drop in at any time and I need be ready for it and recognise what it is. It usually comes in as a knowing soon after I finish meditating. I try to act on it straight away while it is still fresh. My short term memory is pretty useless and I forget things rather quickly. My long term memory rivals any elephant. I leave myself mental notes which pop up at a later date usually when I’m rested.

I use my intuition the most and feel my way more than anything. Intuition is a gift we all have to some degree but I have have spent this entire lifetime cultivating it. I am getting rather good at recognizing subtle promptings.

I am guided all the time and try to remain in tune and not fight against guidance which is my natural inclination. I am a feisty individual and seldom if ever do as I am told. That has advantages and means the dark can’t get a toehold, I notice and kick them out if they try even very subtle approaches.

These are not a conventional methods perhaps but I am not restricted by such prejudice. I use whatever works and this works for me.

I test my results when I can but those are not conventional tests either. I have used a dowser, someone I haven’t even met but who can find my lines on the ground. William who used a pendulum and more recently I have used an expert in kinesiology. These may not be scientific tests in the accepted sense of the word but the results are consistent, coherent not random or made up.

I have been mapping these lines for over thirty years. I know what I am doing. The results are organic being both symmetric and asymmetric. They don’t follow regular geometry or fixed patterns. When you know them certain features do start to repeat. They run through all the highest mountains and follow mountain chains. They create predictable shapes in the land masses and cross water in a predictable way.

Working on this project can be very exciting but can also be somewhat frustrating. I can have the information this place joins to that and occasionally several places in between. That the line goes through them all gives me great confidence. That is fairly rare and I have spent a lot of time shifting things around and sifting through what I know to achieve results that work. However testing has been very consistent. My intuition has proved to be by far the most accurate of all the different methods I use and is much better than my brain. That shouldn’t but has surprised even me.

I have retested earlier information. When we had almost finished working together William used his pendulum and he gave the majority of rods widths as 65 miles . That was in about 2001 and we felt that they had reached their maximum. My new tester may be slightly more accurate, he uses kinesiology and tested the width of several rods. They all gave more or less the same answer which was 66. I hadn’t shared William’s figure with him. Numerically that figure is interesting but I wont get into that here.

I favour subjective experience rather than observation. Creation is alive and we can interact with it. We are far more than we know.

To give an example of one scenario:

The Niger delta was a clue for a place that was on a major line but the delta covers a huge area. William and Vera worked there from a boat. There are limited places that they could have done that which narrows things down a little but not much. It probably needed to be at a place on the east shore because that is where they were before they boarded. That rod connects to Dartington in the UK. I know exactly where the junction is at Dartington but the Niger Delta only gives me the direction that it runs. Those were all the facts I had.

I plotted something then checked with my friend who uses kinesiology but he got the number 80. Anything over 60 is doubtful. I needed more points before I could work out exactly where that rod runs. Fortunately I have several but they weren’t ones acknowledged to be on this line. They were just places that had been visited at other times. They were close and intuitively I felt they might be on the same line and used them. I now have the figure down to 55  which means I am going in the right direction. Each rod effects many others because they cross at junctions. I will keep fiddling with the model until it feels complete.

William and Vera could be rather vague. Their work was focused on fixing things not mapping them. They gave me a spot said to be seventeen miles from a small town in north America on the way to somewhere else. Vera felt is was similar to a rod they had been on in Scotland.

I first needed to find the right road and measure along it. That is fairly easy to work out because I have all the places they went through on their journey, not always but sometimes even the number of the highway. But to where in Scotland?

I had to figure that out. I rely on my intuition. In this case my first try was a main junction. When I extended that line it runs straight through the centre of  the Great Pyramid at Giza. The chances of a random line doing that is very small. It was interesting and felt right. As I have said I get the confirmation as a figure. 60 or less is a yes and good but way down from that is better. In this case the number was 37. That’s not bad at all and the rod is almost certainly correct. It fits well with other lines and junctions. You can see why I rely on my intuition. Mentally I would never have thought of doing this.

Sometimes there is more than one rod running close together and that can make it very difficult. It can take years to sort out. Tresco in the Scilly Isles is a case in point. It is covered by two Rods that run close together and cross near  but not at Tresco, bottom left in the image below. The information I had from William was his idea of where the rods run. He was not always correct but it took me a while to learn to ignore him.

Southern England and Wales

The line shown in yellow runs down the north Cornish coast from Lincoln through St Anthony’s Monastery in the black mountains in Wales through a point looking from Morthoe headland in Devon looking at Lundy island. ‘Looking towards’ was a good clue that it wasn’t on the land. That sounds easy enough but the rods are wide and the points I have aren’t in a straight line but straddle the line, one on either side. I had other points on this line, St Agnes Head, Potreath, Porthtowan, Tintagel Head which should have made it very easy but they didn’t. They confused the issue and made it appear the rod runs along the coast when it actually doesn’t but runs further out to sea. It is an important rod and boosts all the others. The points I had are only the closest places on the land where William and Vera could get to easily. I used junctions further around the world to adjust the alignment. That is a common scenario and I am used to it now but have to take it into consideration. Their work didn’t require William and Vera to be at the centre of a Rod, just as near as they could get.


I also had a Rod coming from Barbados through Tresco then on to Dartington. That sounds easy but the only clue I had for Barbados was that it was in a sugar cane field! The rod is wide enough to covers all of Barbados which isn’t at the centre. No matter how I adjusted them these two rods simply wouldn’t work. I sorted out the second rod eventually because it goes through a big junction in Columbia and another in Australia.


It also runs close to the big volcano on Lombok. I didn’t have this information but it is a confirmation and feels right. volcano is also an energy release. Rods run through highest points so it is a multiple indicator. If I move the line shown exactly to the peak it will also go through an island and another peak in Sumbawa the island to the east.

I use a colour coding for the lines depending on the value. Lighter values are the best. This line is cyan and still needs correcting.

In the end I realised that the my problem was that the second line does cover Tresco but Tresco isn’t at its centre. It is less than 7 miles away but that makes a big difference. The centre line for the lower rod doesn’t pass through Tresco but the rod does cover it. the other line also runs through Applegreen court where William lived which is nearly at it centre.

Rod crossing near Tresco Scilly isles UK

Applegreen court is close to an intersection of two big rods, one that is not shown comes up from Dartignton. William knew about that rod but not about the second. He laughed recently when I told him. I can sometimes speak to him even though he’s dead.

It took me about ten years to work this out. My final solution works with all the points and both rods are 55, which is 5 points better than yes and is good enough for now. I can refine them later but finding their orientations wasn’t at all obvious or easy. Now that I have it I can see that it makes more sense but fixing its position has been very hard.

Using Google Earth pro has speeded up the process. It makes what I do much easier. I can see the shape of the terrain even under water. I can also find places very easily but there is definitely something wrong with it. I can plot great circles fairy easily but I need at least four points or the line tends to bend inaccurately. Perhaps I am overloading the software. It id getting older now.

The bass map has been greatly tampered with. There is something distinctly odd about it, places including both poles which have been blurred out, probably to hide what is there. The satellite network for GPS is said to be at about 12.5 miles up but what network is Google using for its imagery?

I would say it isn’t using satellites at all. Nearly all the photos are oblique. To get them you would need to be very low in Earth’s orbit. Most of them look like aircraft photos. The distortions of structures is very noticeable especially at the Great Pyramid. I have measured the coordinates of each corner and plotted them, then joined them up. On Google Earth that works but doesn’t give me a square as it should. This is a huge enlargement and shows the two rods I have running through it. I originally thought they both run through the diagonals but blowing it up really large shows they just miss the corners by about the same amount. The Earth has been moved recently and my intuition tells me these positions have  enhanced things slightly to be even more beneficial.

The Great Pyramid with added white lines showing its plan view structure calculated from Zoomearth.

I am very experienced using aerial photos having used them for many years to map the British isles. I can interpret them either in mono or using stereo images, in what is called photogrammetry. A building seen from satellite should only show the roof not the walls. Even with a very wide lens the distortion would only be barely noticeable if at all. I have found a few instances of photos taken from vertically overhead but not as many as I would have expected, none for famous buildings. The pyramids, the Eiffel tower, the Blackpool tower, all of them are side shots taken I estimate from only thousands of feet.

Sometimes I have a description but no details but can usually work them out given time. The Rods appear to influence the way that the physical Earth is shaped. Islands act like valves and let the energy out, they tend to be at the rod centre but not always. The sea smothers the energy and holds it in. This is information I got from a Master. I have grown familiar with how the network works and get an aha when I notice certain things. It is another level of confirmation but is only a guide not something I look for in advance.

Sometimes the lines come together effortlessly like they did for Ireland. They more or less drew themselves. William and Vera never went to Ireland although I have been there. They worked on the big rod that runs through Londonderry and down the west coast from further along it in Scotland. Working anywhere on a rod appears to revive the rest unless it has a blockage. The nearest they got to Ireland was the Mull of Kintyre where they were instructed to put there attention on Ireland. There are two a big rods that run quite near.


I have been to a lot of the same places in Britain but have not been to any of the Scottish Isles. The Elmhursts were wealthy and hired planes and flew over many of the smaller islands. They didn’t have to be on the ground although William said doing that could be more uncomfortable.

I have lived on these lines all my life. Both my parents were born and brought up on these lines. I am now convinced that everywhere I have been in this lifetime has something to do with this work.

I have travelled for a long time, my first trip abroad was in 1966 when I was only fourteen. Commercial jets were new and tickets very expensive and I flew on a turbo prop engined aircraft to Perpignan in southern France with a friend. We drove over the Pyrenees by coach to Loret and eventually made it along the coast as far as Barcelona. I loved Spain, especially the sunshine and definitely caught the travel bug but my companion was ill with appendicitis and didn’t enjoy the trip.

I found being with someone else was too restrictive anyway and in the early seventies I flew to Tangier, Morocco, on my own. Tangier was Morroco’s only airport at that time and Morocco was hard to get to which meant there were hardly any tourists. I liked the idea of Africa but Morocco in 1972 proved to be a rather wild place. Tangier airport was quite a contrast to Heathrow. There was no border fence and wild camels where grazing right next to the runway. They galloped off into the desert as we landed. It was like that everywhere.

The airport was in the middle of nowhere, just desert, and I caught a bus to Asilah which was a small town on the Atlantic coast not far away. I didn’t fancy Tangiers which is a very large city. I am not drawn to urban being a country person. When the bus moved away, after dropping me, I noticed someone I recognised standing on the other side of the road. He was an overland driver that I knew and came from the small town where I was living at the time. I didn’t particularly like him but we knew each other through a mutual friend. He introduced me to another overland driver who was heading south. I paid him and he took me with him. I visited most of the major towns, Rabat, Casablanca, Fes, Marrakesh we drove all over. We went up into the high Atlas mountains and hired mules which we rode up to a small village right up near the peaks. It was May or June and very hot but there was still snow on the higher slopes.  The memory of riding along a very narrow trail through scrubby forest with a sheer drop on one side looking down at huge eagles that were souring about below us with our Berber guides singing as we rode is a very treasured memory.

There is are several rods that runs through Morocco and they cover most of the places I visited. I felt something strange happening as I was travelling and think I was used as a focus to activate them. That would have been roughly the same time William and Vera Elmhirst were first contacted for the same task. Activation is the process that revitalises the rods and gets them functioning properly again. They flow like water and were sometimes blocked or in the wrong place sometimes they needed the energy to be brought up from deep in the Earth so that it flowed nearer to the surface. The beings who could do that were the Els, the beings who created the Rods in the first place. They are beings of light and needed humans to act as a focus because the Earth had become too dense for them to do it on their own.

I am still working out all the places that I have visited. Some were a long time ago but as I have said I have a very good long term memory. I have kept travelling and have had some unusual experiences. I once went to the Minoan Palace at Knossos on the island of Crete and recognised the place. I remembered a lifetime there as a student. I was the son of a wealthy merchant, from Italy not Greece. On its own that isn’t particularly significant but it pricked my intuition when I thought about it. I tried and found an alignment that feels right.

I drew in a line from the centre of Great Pyramid in Egypt which isn’t far from Create – just to see what happened. It goes through one corner of the Great Pyramid but also diagonally through both corners of the Minoan palace. I extended that line and it runs on directly to the heart centre at Dartington. That is far too many coincidences for me. It covers some interesting places in Italy including Milan. Read on and you will see why that may be important. I will need to have this line verified independently but I am pretty confidant it will be accepted. I do that sort of thing fairly often. I think I am being heavily prompted by my guides. They sometimes talk to me but can be fairly reticent when this project is involved. I have to work it out myself.

I went on a peace mission to Yugoslavia in 1991 just before the outbreak of the war there. There is a Rod that runs through all the different countries that became involved. The wars there was a premeditated plan and lasted over ten years. It contaminated the energy all that time and still does. That is a common scenario. War drops the energy very low and permeates the system. It is part of the dark control. If you follow the wars they coincide with major energy centres and have all been started intentionally. We can prevent that by using the same network to spread positive energy. We are so powerful we only need to have that intention. I am digressing but that message is important.

When I started working with the Els I was also working in the music business. I had four companies; a record company and a recording studio both of which I co-founded, my own design company and a music streaming business that the record company created. This last company became valuable and had some serious investors, we’re talking multi-million euros with projected incomes in the billions.

The music business is a very dark place but it balanced the very light energy of the Els. In a single day I could be in a nasty low level recording studio, perhaps a basement somewhere in west London or at a board meeting in Mayfair, equally low, then higher than I could imagine at Dartington or Porlock where my friend William was based. I needed both environments to remain balanced but it wasn’t easy. I was working seven days a week about eighteen hours a day, sometimes more. I did that for over three years. It took me another three to recover after I walked away.

In 2001 I was in Gambia, west Africa, and visited the slave pens that were used to house black people captured by the British before they were transported to America to work on the plantations in the south. I visited the family home of Kunta Kinte, Alex Haley’s ancient relative. Haley wrote the book Roots that traced his US slave ancestors back all the way to Africa. Kunta Kinte went out to make a drum but was captured and never came home.

I watched one of his distant relatives make a drum using an ads. He had a hardwood log that had washed down the river Gambia, and was probably doing it the same way his distant forebear had. The family live in a small hut much as they always have. They don’t think much of Haley. No Gambian would ignore their family but would share everything they had. They could never understand why he didn’t. Most black Africans are very generous. As far as they are concerned he was very rude.

I think there is a Rod that runs the full length of the river Gambia and runs there from the big junction in Columbia to the one in Borneo. It travels right through the stone circles at Wassu. Yes there are stone circles in West Africa.

One of the Wassu Stone Circles

There is a massive bend in the river right were the rod crosses which is another indicator but I haven’t confirmed this rod yet. Rivers form large bends when they are crossed by a rod. Notice in the image below that there are two big bends exactly were the cyan coloured line crosses. This is highly indicative that I have it right but is not conclusive. I will check. Even the mouth of the river demonstrates a common feature. River estuaries tend to flow at about 45 degrees to a rod where they meet the sea.

River Gambia west Africa

Most of the time I spend is checking my orientation points. I have to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I re-read the books I have. I actually have three but only one focuses exclusively on the Rods. There are lots of references but also plenty of information mostly channelled messages from masters. I have details of the man some call Jesus and the trip he took to England with his grand uncle Joseph of Arimathea. The book speaks of Jesus as a child sitting on the cliffs talking to insects. They visited several places in England including Dartington and Glastonbury. The came there with Phonetician traders who visited that coast fairly regularly. Such information is interspersed with occasional information about the rods.

I have a good idea of the layout of the rods but also know this needs refining. I will keep doing that until I’m happy. Important junctions are becoming obvious. There is a big one in China and another in South America, one in Indonesia, places that can be ignored by western people. They are actually some of the most exciting places on the planet and have the densest populations. People seem drawn to important energy centres. Most of the largest cities in the world are covered by rods; Beijing, Mexico city, London, New York, Washington, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Honolulu, Paris, Marseilles, Berlin, Cairo, Jerusalem, Mumbai, Panama, Bogotá, Bangkok, Adelaide, Melbourn to name just a few are all covered by rods.

The rods also cover the highest mountains. The pattern is consistent. If two rods cross near or at an estuary, the river can form a delta like the Mississippi and the Nile. Rods flow along headlands but more likely it’s the other way around. The land was the last part to be created. The energy came first. There is a place at the heart of or planet which is very special and holds very high energy. That is where the Els started creating this network and where they first needed to go when they came back to repair it.

Antipodes island near New Zealand is a classic example of an island crossed by a rod.

Islands behave like valves and let out the energy. It’s why a lot of islands have a very good vibe. They also tend to be central to a rod. The seas contain the energy and islands are therefore important release points. I got this information from a Master who was explaining how things worked. He also talked about all the colours and that we will eventually be able to see them. He said it is a magnificent sight.

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