Ley lines

The term Ley is an English expression first coined in the 1920’s to describe alignments of sacred sites in Britain that were found to be on straight lines. Originally, a ley line meant an alignment not an energy line.

In the diagram below the green line is the alignment or ley and the thicker wiggly black line running through the numbered points is the dowsed energy line. It isn’t straight but follows the general direction of the ley. The numbered points are markers, they are  often standing stones, stone circles but sometimes have been replaced by churches. This is the start of the St Michael axis in Cornwall UK. It is perhaps one of the most famous ley. A ley tend to run fairly straight but I have discovered that is only a local phenomena. If you follow a ley for any distance it invariably bends. The  Michael Mary line does. I got this information from Hamish Miller the man who discovered and dowsed it. He followed this line up into Russia but eventually could go no further because the line rose away from the Earth and up into space. That information has never been published. When I spoke to him he had fallen out with his author and that was unlikely to happen and he died soon after.

I have been investigating this phenomena for quite a long time and have come up with some very different answers to most people. The reasons why are several. The most important and by far the most relevant is that I met one of the beings, an El, that made these energy lines in the first place when our Earth was first created. Most of my knowledge comes through them. I am also a cartographer and can draw maps. The patterns these energy lines create are organic not mathematical and very seldom straight except locally.

Below is another well known alignment, the Appolo/St Michael line that runs over 2600 miles across Europe. It may look straight on the  diagram below but isn’t .

Taken from the book Dance of the Dragon

Actual line plotted on Google Earth. The green line is a straight line between the two end points. The white line is the ley. I discussed this anomaly with Hamish Miller who dowsed it and he told me he never said that the line was straight. Perhaps he didn’t but the man who wrote the book about it certainly did. I liked and respected Hamish but have no time for his author.

I have been mapping ley lines for over thirty years and have made some interesting discoveries. You may not like them. I have got myself into trouble by questioning conventional beliefs. But ley lines themselves are not based on conventional observation and therefore are not acceptable to western science. They are too intangible and are dismissed. I don’t know of any instrumentation that can pick them up. Some researchers are getting there but haven’t achieved success as yet. Most researchers by their nature are stuck in their heads, they try to think their way to an answer. Unfortunately that doesn’t work very well because creation is alive and changing all the time.

People sometimes try to establish a network that covers the Earth and includes all of its known ancient energy centres. They fall down mainly because they aren’t cartographers. Their lines don’t work other than as a rough diagrams like the one below. The base map is a Mecater projection and by its very nature distorts the shapes of the land masses. You can calculate a line fairly easily but cannot draw one. It is not a graphical map.

If you plot any of these lines on Google Earth you will see immediately that none of them actually work. It is a nice idea but is totally fictional. A great circle drawn from Uluru to Glastonbury doesn’t go through either Mt Kailash by over a hundred miles or Mosco by more than two hundred. Drawn further it misses lake Titicaca by over a thousand miles. This type of diagram is widely quoted  as an authority. It has been researched or so people tell me but how?

A ‘ley’ line is composed of energy. They can be dowsed. The energy is not just of the Earth but comes here from our cosmos. It comprises several different rays, each has its own properties. They mix with Earth’s own energies and circulate around our planet then go out back to where they came from.

Where is that? For us that is the centre of our galaxy, they come here through our central sun but originate at Source, the source of all creation. This then is esoteric information. Creation is very complex. It is composed of many layers that all inhabit the same space. They are differentiated because they all vibrate at different frequencies, they therefore have different densities. This energy is at a density that we can detect but not necessarily in a tangible manner.

Subjectively the human body can detect leys using a technique called dowsing using a rod or sometimes with a pendulum. The techniques are different but follow similar principles. The dowser is not using his mind but uses refined senses that no machine can match. These lines vibrate at a density that is beyond the physical and create an energetic body for the Earth. This body is not tangible but is organic as we are. All the energy is positive initially but it can be distorted. That happens when there are wars. Wars are always started by negative focused entities intentionally at positive energy points. That energy can then contaminate the whole of the energy network. Fortunately there is something being done about that.

What humans call leys are actually the smallest part of something very much bigger. Ley line is only a human term used to describe the smallest of these lines. I prefer to use the words used by the beings who made the original network; the rods of power.

I am going to use an analogy to make this clearer:

In the human body blood circulation system ley lines would be equivalent to our capillaries.

“Capillaries are the smallest of blood vessels. They serve to distribute oxygenated blood from arteries to the tissues of the body and to feed deoxygenated blood from the tissues back into the veins.”

Ley lines do something similar but are perhaps more like the meridians described in eastern healing systems. They do what they do for our planet, the Earth. They help distribute and circulate energy.

Ley lines are the the easiest to detect but aren’t the only energy lines found on the Earth. The energy they transmit comes from the Rods of Power which are equivalent to our arteries. They are very large, from sixty to two hundred miles wide and are found deeper below the surface. They travel right around the planet and through the Earth’s centre. The main rays of energy link to a point at the Earth’s centre which is a focus and where the Rods of power were first created by the Els. The energy came first and physicality manifested around it. This is perhaps a whole new way of looking at creation. Science may try to define the intangible but doesn’t have a method t can use. Energy that can’t be measured doesn’t exist as far as it is concerned.

The energy these lines transmit is partly of the Earth but also comes from somewhere else. This is where this may get difficult.

In our galaxy there are portals that connect energy lines that travel through what humans term space. This is a 3D explanation and isn’t all of the answer. Dimension is a 3D expression and has a 3D definition. A portal can unite places that are physically a long way apart and of different densities.  Densities are habitations that vibrate at different frequencies and all can exist  together in the same relative place. Travel between these points is instantaneous and there is no linier dimension as is often portrayed in popular entertainment. Portals can be of two types – horizontal or vertical. An energy line can travel through a horizontal portal and travel over vast distances and that is what a ley line does but creation is a complex beast. The sun is an example of a vertical portal. It traverses through higher levels or densities. It can be used by higher density beings to transit lower and appear here either in a vehicle or as a being.

We are each a part of Source, the source of all creation. We are all connected. This energy for us here comes from the great central sun in our galaxy but is fed there from Source, which is unmanifest. Source is made of pure love and so are we. That is our true nature. Love is unmanifest. When love manifests it becomes light. We are light beings who for the moment inhabit a human body. We each have several bodies.

Light has properties. Each of the different rays, I will call them that, has individual potency and serves to distribute this energy throughout our entire cosmos. We resonate in sync with certain rays. That depends on our development. Each colour in the visible spectrum is a ray but there are others. Magenta isn’t in the visible spectrum but is a ray.

The Violet ray is the seventh ray  and has the property of cleansing and transformation, it changes things. It is the highest ray that we can see for the moment. As we go up in awareness we will see others.

The Magenta ray creates harmony and balance and is perhaps the eighth ray.  We can’t see it yet but a digital camera can.

Below is a photo taken by a friend of mine. You need to angle your camera towards but slightly away from the sun.

Magenta is said to be the first colour you see when you third eye opens. That is simply a way of describing an expansion of awareness.

We can consider a ley line as a linier energy but it has other properties too. Earth energies wiggle about between ancient sites and are very seldom straight. They aren’t purely Earth energies either. The power which circulates is a mixture of Earth’s own energies and those energies that come here from Source and feed her. This energy circulates and then goes back out to Source again.

Good dowsers can often detect multiple energies within a line. They sometimes flow in different directions. At the moment in 3D there are 12 rays or sub divisions of this energy and all or one may be present. As we progress there may be more. Nothing is static in creation which by its nature is alive and always growing.

I am sometimes clairvoyant and once saw blue energy pouring down from the sky like a huge celestial waterfall. I was involved in using this energy to revive an ancient and very depleted dragon. See dragons.

This energy is what provides what some refer to as chi, prana, ruah, life force. It all comes from the same place Source, the source of all creation. Leys, if you want to use this word, could be considered the network used to distribute this energy around the Earth.