We are all One

In order to explain this statement I first need to explain creation. All of creation is pure Love. Love is unmanifest. When it manifests it does so as light. Light is a vibration. When light slows down it becomes sound then matter. Matter is a vibration too. Every level of existence vibrates at different rates. …

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The Els, Elohim

The Masters OF Light The ascended Masters are Masters IN light. Their role here is to guide us. They form part of our Spiritual Hierarchy. The Elohim are sometimes called the Masters OF Light. They are beyond form. They radiate love in gratitude to all that is. Their role or perhaps part of it is …

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Creative intelligence

We are trained to think in a linier manner. You may be very clever but that restricts the way you think. I am not very clever and have found some shortcuts which expand my awareness on a daily basis. I have learned how to break free. Perhaps I should say I’m learning.

Overcoming Dogma

Our current education systems, be they scientific, philosophical or religious, stifle knowledge. They don’t approach reality looking for the truth but impose dogmas. They determine what we are allowed to believe and anything else is ridiculed.

Ley lines

The term Ley is an English expression first coined in the 1920’s to describe alignments of sacred sites in Britain that were found to be on straight lines. Originally, a ley line meant an alignment not an energy line.


I am an experienced cartographer but mapping something that isn’t tangible isn’t easy or straight forwards. My methods vary depending on how much information I have. I am principally working from a book that gives me all the journeys that William and his second wife Vera Elmhirst undertook when assisting the Els to mend these …

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