Energy lines in New Zealand

I have been experimenting recently in New Zealand. It appears I am sensitive enough to pick up and plot energy lines in several different ways. I don’t need a dowser. I’m getting there slowly. Several important junctions are starting to emerge; Castle rocks, a point off Whahariki beach, a spot in the Tararua forest, White island and Mt Taranaki. Norfolk, Chatham and Auckland islands are all on lines of energy. The map is starting to make more sense and fits with the greater whole but plotting the lines takes time.

I have lived in New Zealand many times before, long before the Maori came. I have also met and can still interact with the ancestors who are common to us all. I consider myself indigenous to this planet, not a country but love New Zealand above all others that I have visited. I am very in tune with this place.

Before the Maori there were many other tribes here. The British armed a hostile faction of the Maori with muskets and they wiped out most of the men but took the women as their own. It gave the British land relatively free of native people. Not pleasant but fairly common practice. Colonisation never benefits the indigenous peoples. The British authorities did something similar in Australia and North America. I am not interested in apportioning blame but in order to move forwards it is useful to acknowledge that these things happened.

There were other peoples here long before the Polynesian peoples. They had a Celtic heritage which so do I. Some call them the surveyors and they were the ones who erected standing stones. I am a surveyor in this lifetime and can talk to standing stones. There is one high up on a farm not far from Motueka. Hamish Miller the English dowser authenticated it and also dowsed the energy around it. I would need to touch others to get more information. Doing so will sometimes trigger a memory. I didn’t get a lifetime from this stone so I don’t think that I have met him before. He was very old even for a standing stone, certainly compared to others that I have met. He was quite talkative but didn’t give any information about who put him there. I didn’t think to ask.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is talking-to-rocks.jpgThis standing stone splits an energy line that comes out of the Kahurangi. One line goes to Mt Taranaki and the other goes towards Wellington. I haven’t traced it yet.

How did my lines come about?

A few years ago I did a house clearing. The house was an old farm house built when the area was first settled, nineteenth century perhaps, so not very old. It had two stuck spirits both of whom I moved on. One was a young girl who was employed there as a maid. She came from a very poor family and died of the flu. She loved the house where she had been working which to her seemed incredibly opulent.  She was attached to the kitchen area but left easily. The master of the house was more difficult. He was an old man, had been a farmer, and like many of his kind had terrible arthritis from over using his joints, he was in constant pain. He used to sit in front of the fire in the main room all day and was a nasty piece of work, always angry and cantankerous. This room was now being used as a bedroom by a teenage girl. She was sensitive enough to feel him which is why I was called in. I don’t do house clearing unless asked. The part of him that was still there didn’t realise he was dead but I opened a portal and sent him off which is a simple process. He didn’t want to go but had no choice and was sucked up anyway.

While I was there I was walking down the hall all my senses open (we have more than five) when I came across a line of energy that crossed the hall. It was only a metre or so wide and I found it easy to detect by walking in an out of it. There was another line that ran the full length the house. I already knew about that one having worked further along it not far away. It was wider and therefore not as easy to detect.  The house was at a junction. I didn’t think much of it but made a mental note.

Recently I discovered another line, several points that were all in line, also places I had done a lot of work. All to do with water. I plotted the line too but didn’t really think much about it. When I was looking at the Rods of Power that run through New Zealand I also plotted these other lines, just for fun. That must have triggered something and I kept plotting new ones. I’m not sure how that works but I can just feel them. I’m not even sure what type of lines they are,  but I decided to have some of them checked today, just as a sample to see if this was a valid process. All of them were passed as a good yes, high enough that I can accept them. I still have a lot to do to sort them out, it is early stages yet but the results so far are very interesting.

It appears that volcanoes are a very important part of this energy network. They are upwellings of energy after all. When I first moved to where I live now I sensed a huge explosion had happened there very long ago, probably an eruption, possibly a volcanic eruption, I don’t know. I live at a junction which may be the site of a very old volcano. The white line is one of the huge arterial Rods of Power. The others are all much smaller. I have obviously been put here for a reason. When I am happy with what I have I will add these lines to my download package.