Creative intelligence

We are trained to think in a linier manner. You may be very clever but that restricts the way you think. I am not very clever and have found some shortcuts which expand my awareness on a daily basis. I have learned how to break free. Perhaps I should say I’m learning. This post is the first result of my research.

Our universe was not created by a big bang. It was a silent unfolding of love. Love doesn’t bang. Unmanifest creation is pure love, when it manifests it becomes light. You can see it all around you when you go out at night. When matter forms in creation it doesn’t do so with no reason, it is following directions. Although from our limited perspective it may appear to be random but nothing is in creation. There are forces that direct the ballet.

When our Earth was first created it manifested where and how it is in a similar manner to how we create a child. The potential was created first, it was an energy, matter was the last part. It grew in the same way a fetus does by unwrapping and initiating a code. The code for a planet is not so different. Physicality forms around a potential not the other way around. It is directed to the right places by intelligence or should I say intelligences, there are many beings involved. We think we know how things work but at best we can only see the messages that return certain results.

When our planet first formed it did so at an energetic level. That energy is still here but energy by its nature is moving and changing constantly. It adapts to any changes in its locality. Because it is the result of intelligence it does so intelligently. The raw energy itself is also intelligent, it has specific identities and directions that it follows. It is not all the same.

The energy lines I describe on this website are the energies that define and shape our world. Physicality is defined by them, not the other way around. The energy when it first arrives here is pure and holds the intelligence that created everything in creation.

One common mistake that researchers make is that they try to tie ancient places together using alignments. The lines where there first, they flow and are not static as physicality is. They can moves around. Like water they find the line of least resistance and can move over time. They are organic not necessarily symmetrical or geometric. They don’t tend to wander far unless interfered with. They are cared for and looked after as all creation is.