This site has been constructed in order to share work that was initiated in the late 1990’s but it is still an ongoing project. I have been mapping our worlds primary energy lines which some people call ley lines. This site explains what they actually are and shows you were some of them run. This work originated about fifty years ago and involved many beings not just humans and certainly not just me. It is important but I’m not really able to tell you why – not yet anyway.

Our planet is a glorious being and she is far more than we know. She is the only reason we are here, we all come here through her. Science, but that word really doesn’t apply, has very little clue as to how she actually works. Scientists objectify and look for rational explanations, repeatable experiments. That really doesn’t work because she is alive and a being very similar to us. She has a vast organic network of energy lines that reaches everywhere, the lines I show here are only the largest that distribute this energy. The Els the beings who made them call them The Rods of Power.

When science looks at humans it looks at our body and has dissected it to see how it works. To take it apart it is easier if it is dead. Most of its functioning goes way beyond what current thinking understands. The same applies to our planet. Looking at the geology doesn’t tell us what she thinks.

Looking at our brain doesn’t tell us that either. We can see and measure a few of its more basic functions but that hardly scrapes the surface of who we really are. We are not just a meat body run by an organic computer. We have individual identity and have many levels of experience not just the one we call 3D. We never die although some of our bodies do. We are multi dimensional beings with several bodies one inside the other like Russian dolls. Our awareness goes somewhere else when we die. I have first hand experience of that but I wont get into that here.

Suffice to say our planet is a multidimensional being too. The most exciting and interesting part of creation is unmanifest and therefore can’t be examined. Gaia the entity who inhabits Earth cannot  be detected by the vast majority of people and is therefore considered fictional. I assure you that she isn’t and she can take command of her bodies at any time she likes. I trust her completely, she is our mother in many ways, she will never do anything intentional to hurt us but she has asked for help, to bring us to a higher level of awareness and remove those who would do her harm. That is happening now and there are a vast number of beings here to help. We are very nearly ready for them to appear to our senses.

Traditional medicine has a slightly better perspective than the aliphatic approach but most have lost more knowledge than they know. I am being purposely irreverent because I want to get this point across. If we follow any system we aren’t really in the know we are only taking on second hand information. What I am sharing here is not a conventional view, it comes first hand. I can and do converse with our planet, Gaia, Mother Earth whatever you want to call her. She is a truly wondrous being. You can do that too.

Gaia shares some of our traits. She is alive and therefore her body, Earth, needs nutrition. The energy lines I describe here are what feed her and spread the energy around. There is more to it but that is a good place to start. Unlike us she only gets her energy direct from the Source of All Creation. This energy comes here via the centre of our galaxy. It is fed there direct from Source. I don’t want to get too esoteric but need to share some basic information. Each star, each galaxy is also a being, all of creation even our cosmos is alive. All of us live on this energy, it is what constitutes the life force, the chi, the prana whatever your culture or the system you follow calls it.

This energy is coherent and has several strands but we only receive what is appropriate to who we are. It arrives here through portals that reach across our galaxy to every solar system. A portal is a gateway which connects two places that are very far apart with no linier distance in between them. What some call a wormhole but they don’t have the imagination to comprehend how they work.

This energy flows very much like water. When it reaches our planet it is distributed around by this network of enormous energy lines and comes directly or indirectly to us.  We absorb it through our food. It is what supports anything that grows. We don’t need to eat to do that and it is what a breatharian lives on.

You can think of these main lines like our arteries. However the energy is not a blood supply, it is far superior. These lines are more like the meridians described in Chinese medicine and other eastern traditions. I use the term arteries because there are also smaller lines that people mistakenly call leys, they are fed by these larger lines and are perhaps more like our capillaries. I have written an explanation about what leys really are which you can read in information. Most of my sentences probably need long explanations and you will find most of them covered there but I am always open to questions.

I am sharing knowledge I have acquired over a twenty year plus period and could perhaps be considered an expert in this field. There are dowsers who look at surface level energies and others who have generated mathematical if somewhat theoretical models of the Earth’s energy grids. This may be only one of them but nobody else that I have come across is looking at energy lines from a practical cartographic perspective. I am mapping them partly based on facts. It you want to know how I have done it read methods.

Below you will find images of the major lines taken from my 3D model. Click on them to enlarge them. You can download software to look at each line more closely.It will give you a 3D version of them that works in Google Earth. You can run this locally on any computer, tablet or smart phone and navigate anywhere you like, zoom in right down to street level and see your own house. That may be fun but I really want to give you a wider vision. This energy is what we live on and it reaches everywhere. You don’t need to go anywhere special.

Go to download to get it.

East Asia
North America
South America

This is just a brief gimps at the way the energy is distributed around our globe. It is a complex network and best viewed in 3D.  The cyan coloured lines have been checked and the magenta coloured lines haven’t, at least not yet. This is still very much work in progress and I am updating it all the time.