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Customised website or WordPress development including online shopping, event listings and more. I can handle the domain name registration and use economical, reliable hosting. I can do all the work for you or teach you to manage your website yourself.


Full graphic design and desktop publishing service with preparation for printing, website display, ebook output or pdf creation. This includes a full self publishing service from manuscript to high quality printed book  and or eBook. I have been doing this for myself for nine years.


Sound design including recording, engineering, production, original music creation or  noise removal and optimisation. I can create music to picture. Audio edits can be mastered for CD manufacturing or optimised for streaming. I also cover everything for online distribution.


Multi channel editing including special effects, animation and titling. Multi track audio with output of SD or HD to DVD, Blueray or for uploading to a web streaming service. I can edit picture to music. I also make the thirty second adverts used in the Village Theatre.


Every project I work on is tailor made to my clients requirements.

Working on a project should be fun for everyone involved. I particularly enjoy working with technophobic creatives. We work together to find what works for you and I do the technical part and that’s it, very simple.

I enjoy what I do and have a very wide repertoire of techniques and over twenty years of experience that covers all media; from website creation and development to graphic design for printed materials or ebooks. I am also a writer and can write or edit your materials. I create music and video and have all the skills required for that including special effects and animation. I cover it all and I know my world in great detail. It is very fast passed and I try to stay close to the cutting edge learning new techniques all the time.


Thanks to Ray’s practical IT skills, and encouraging support, I persevered with the rewarding challenge of DIY design/management of my very first webpage. I appreciated Ray’s advice, communication consistency, and ability to work within my budget.

Marsha Jones

I am very happy…it looks very professional! A very happy customer!

Linda Ross

Ray did a fantastic job on my website, he is very intuitive yet precise with his work, a great combination as he can develop things very quickly. If you want a great personalized website Ray is your man. Very, very reasonably priced.

Grayham Forscutt – –

Ray, Thank you so much for all of your efforts on our websites. The feedback we receive about our websites is excellent! Your guidance has been wonderful and has made it easy for us to update our own site and develop it further. Much appreciation for this! The site is one of the last magical sites on the internet, thanks to your wizardry! You are a true website Wizard! Much appreciation.

Amira & Jo Mudwood

Gotta say how wonderful it was working with Ray as he created my personalised website, Ray accommodated all my suggestions and offered so many options and alternate ways to promote and best demonstrate my artwork. My site is comprehensive yet Ray has made it simple to follow and read. It basically is a visual site and he has presented it very well. Ray listens and act immediately I am so appreciative on all he does. I fully recommend Ray’s ability for anyone wanting to set up or improve their websites. He is very affordable, reliable and professional in all he does.

NgAngA –

Awesome job Ray, I look forward to working on my site easily without script and re sizing issues. It’s taken 15 years to get a website that is actually functional and easy to use.

Ben Clegg

The website that Ray designed, works well as my on-line presence and shop. Working with Ray, was a pleasure. He listened to my ideas and quickly applied them to the design process in ways that represent my style. I am confident when directing people to my website, because I know it clearly gives the information needed, with artistic flair…. put simply, it works.